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These copper colored party hats with colorful handmade poms could not have been more perfect for this little ones 1st birthday bash – all the kids loved them! A super cute accessory that made everyone at the party feel included. Best of all, they are so easy to make!

Supply List:

Party Hats


Pom-Pom Maker

Spray Paint


Dust Mask or Bandana

Hot Glue

(All products available at Michaels)

Start by hanging up your party hats so that you can spray paint them. You can spray them any color you like. I choose copper because well, who doesn’t love a little metallic pop these days! I recommend spray painting your hats outside and wearing a dust mask or bandana to protect yourself from breathing in any paint fumes. I hung my hats on the clothes line outside where they could dry quickly and I could spray them easily without needing to touch them.

While your party hats are drying, make your pom-poms using the pom-pom maker (directions for use will be on the package). I chose to make pom-poms of all different colors, but to save a little on cost you can always just choose one main color and make all of your hats to match!

This final step is so easy! Just attach your pom-poms to the party hats using a little bit of hot glue and TA-DAH you have created a cute new party hat perfect for only your party!

So much love for this sweet girl!

All the cuteness going on in this photo!

See more photos from this parade themed party under “First Birthday Bash” on my Portfolio page.


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